Performing Arts Packages: Lighting

Performing Arts Packages: Lighting

Vaughan Sound is a specialist integrator of stage lighting systems to schools, colleges and universities across the UK. We are currently the Swansea estate service provider for supporting School & Theatre Stage Lighting Systems, and have an extensive portfolio of work within the education sector.

Illuminating performances and productions, stage lighting is an effective and professional addition to dance and drama studios, main halls and theatres. From a portable freestanding system for the utmost flexibility to a fixed installed scheme for theatrical events, stage lighting can create a range of effects including spot lights, follow lights and colour changing capabilities. It also enables students to become accustomed with technology that is utilised in the entertainment industry.

As a company with almost half a century in the sector, we have the experience to advise on the best possible solution for educational clients and their individual needs. Vaughan Sound has equipped a variety of halls, studios and theatres at schools, colleges and universities with stage lighting setups, tailoring schemes to meet specific operational requirements. We design, develop and deliver stage lighting systems which include a full range of technology based products that are now typically required to realise the implementation of evolving curricular activities.

Vaughan Sound has assisted with producing budget quotations and target costs through to final delivery, training and handover into operation, and have specified industry standard equipment that students are likely to encounter when advancing to sixth-form college and higher education.

Our lighting systems are cost-effective and simple to use, with all fixtures and products efficiently managed via a user-friendly control console. We also have the capability to integrate lighting to work with stage sound, offering the ultimate performing arts package.

For further information about our stage lighting and performing arts system capabilities, or to discuss your project requirements with our designers and engineers, please get in touch.