SMART Interactive Whiteboards

SMART Interactive Whiteboards

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard system is an exciting and engaging addition to any classroom. The highly popular touchscreen technology is a first class teaching tool that actively encourages interactive and collaborative learning environments.

Livening up lessons, the whiteboards are designed to display multimedia content that users can interact with via simple, intuitive touch gestures. SMART Boards provide teachers with the flexibility to quickly and easily transition between lesson activities without having to access on-screen menus, enabling students to efficiently work together on tasks via multitouch software.

Schools with SMART systems also benefit from access to free educational resources, including videos and 3D images that are specifically created to work with the whiteboards.

Vaughan Sound has specified and installed SMART Board systems into a wide range of schools and colleges. Offering seamless and instant interaction at your fingertips, we are fully conversant with SMART software and the enhanced learning experience it offers pupils.

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Image: Copyright SMART Technologies